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BakeTech Continuous Oven

Industry's leading oven offering the most available configuration and radiuses to fit any layout.

Den Boer Multibake Tunnel Oven

Pre-assembled, modular Den Boer tunnel ovens designed with independent zone control for more precise temperature control.

Den Boer Oven Loader

More information coming soon!

APEX Den Boer Series

Simplified, modular tunnel ovens with independent zone control for more precise control for bun and roll products.

Vesta Tray Oven

For quick product changeover, Vesta Tray Ovens are ideal for high quality, high-speed baking of bread and buns, particularly those requiring longer bakes time or are higher in density.

English Muffin Proofer Griddle

Servo-driven walk-in proofer ensures the easiest sanitation and maintenance. Product is directly transferred from Proofer to fully-insulated Griddle.

Vanderpol Waffle Line

The global leader for waffle production lines. Total, flexible solutions with fast service and never compromising on quality. High priority to cleaning without stopping production. Removable units special discharge system that gently guides the waffles out of the oven and into the cooling system.

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