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DimensionsL 1735 * W 980 * H 1523 mm
Electrical Capacity4.3 kW
Speed Maximum200 pcs./min.
Product Weight20~120 g
Machine Weight 750 kg

High production rates up to the maximum speed of 12,000 pcs. per hour.

Space saving design.

Wide variety of products.

High quality products.

Hygienic with washable capability.


DimensionsL 2021 * W 902* H 1524 mm
Electrical Capacity4.9 kW
Output200 pcs./min.
Product Weight10~250 g
Extruding Capacity1000 kg/h
Intermittent EncrustingUp to 99 sec.
Agitator Speed6 Speed
Hopper Capacity40 𝓁 x2

Produces a wide variety of confectioneries and savory foods from all over the world

Damage-free extruding system ensures high quality products.

Further improve hygienic design; stainless cylinder, sanitary screw drive shaft, and enhance waterproof main body.

Various lines of option and device for higher productivity and efficiency.


Four rows encrusting model (MN400) (Specification)
DimensionsL 2470 * W 1562 * H 1751 mm
Electrical Capacity12.95-15.15 kW
Speed48000 pcs./h (200 rpm x 4 rows x 60 min).
Product Weight10~120 g
Machine Weight1400 kg

High Speed Encrusting and Dividing.

Maximum production is 24,000 per hour (for two rows) (same maximum production for both encrusting and dividing.)

Maximum output is 3000 kg/hour.

Weight range of the product is approximately 10 - 250g per piece.(This may vary slightly depending on the dough and filling.)

The temperature for the dough and filling can range from partially frozen to 70℃.


DimensionsL 1940 * W 2685 * H 2110 mm
Electrical Capacity4.5 kW
Extruding Capacity2500 kg/h
Number of extrusion nozzle14rows
Output100800 pc/h
Air0.4MPa,1 𝓁 /min.
Hopper Capacity250𝓁

This machine is ideal for cookie production. There are 3 types of standard model to fit with oven band width (800, 1000 and 1,200mm wide).

Combination of dough/filling and optional devices create your own products. The maximum capacity of the standard model (14 rows) is 100,800 pieces per hour.


WD1000(16 rows)
DimensionsL 1940 * W 2685 * H 2110 mm
Product Weight Range4.5 kW
Profduction Capacity2500 kg/h
Extruding Capacity14rows
Electric Capacity100800 pc/h

WD1200(20 rows)
DimensionsL 1840 x W 2420 H 1850 mm
Product Weight Range10~25g (Spherical Encrusting)
Profduction Capacity144,000 pcs./h
Extruding Capacity3750 kg/h
Electric Capacity4.96 kW

Small extrusion and compact encrusting unit realize smaller body and hight products output than our existing model.

Equiped with the newly developed extruding and encrusting mechanism in its incredibly compact body!

The Length of the body is only 1.84 meters.

Multi Confectioner makes confectionery such as a filled cookie. Using the optional device can make a double filling cookie.

Two types(WD1000 or WD1200) are selectable in according to the amount of production.

The parts or extruding and forming section are removable and washable.

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