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RHEON - The company name, "RHEON" was derived from the concept of Rheology. In the several thousand year history of mankind, man has shaped food in the palm of his hand, hence creating and shaping much of the priceless culture which exists today.

TOSEI - At Tosei Kogyo, we know that handmade flavor is as important as reliable mass-production. Our unique technical capabilities have enabled us to achieve the world's first full-automated gyoza-making machinery.

SANKO - In 1947, the company was established to start its production and sales of bakery and confectionery ovens.

FOLLETTO - Latte art Printer



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JMCool Solutions Inc. was established primarily to supply refrigeration equipments as well as Food Related Automated Equipment in the year 2011.

Working hand in hand with top notch suppliers from all over the World transfer of new and developed technologies for the Philippine Food Industry's advancement. With new technologies now at hand, a more efficient and productive work environment is harnessed.

The development of an efficient and lean work force in servicing all client requirements like Developing New Products and Maintenance of Equipment is being organized to give the best solution to client needs.

JMCool Solutions,Inc.